EPISD 21st Century Learning: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Dear Parents:

The El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) realizes that technology impacts everyone's everyday lives, including our students. EPISD also knows that technology can be a very powerful and beneficial tool for teaching and learning.Because technology is so prevalent in our student's lives we are excited to begin a "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) program in our district.

Each of the EPISD campuses will implement BYOD in a variety of ways. Essentially, we will allow students to voluntarily use their own personal electronic internet devices in class for academic purposes. As with any classroom activity, teachers have the final say on whether the devices are to be used in class lessons or not. Students will still have to abide with all district and campus rules concerning devices.

Students who are not able to bring their own technology device will not be left out of learning activities or penalized in any way. Students without devices will be given an opportunity to use a campus-owned device, partner with someone who has a device, or complete an assignment in an alternate way.

Teachers will help students utilize their personal devices to foster collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. The Internet-ready devices students currently own can be used for instructional purposes. The device can be an Internet-ready smartphones, tablets, laptops, or even multipurpose eReader. The access and resources these devices will afford EPISD students is the focus. These devices will only be used for instruction while in a BYOD classroom.

Our Wi-Fi

All El Paso ISD campuses have filtered Wi-Fi Internet access throughout all of the learning facilities. This will be filtered just like it is filtered on school-owned computers. Students must access the Wi-Fi connection and not their own data plans. As students access the EPISD provided Wi-Fi, they will not be utilizing their own personal data plan or minutes.

Digital Content

BYOD mobile learning devices and the district Wi-Fi will allow students access to rich digital content for academic purposes. Many of the EPISD instructional materials will now be in a digital, online format. Access to this the internet on a BYOD device is a privilege and students could lose privileges if they misuse the system or are found to be breaking EPISD rules and regulations, including those regarding proper digital citizenship.

Teacher assisting kids
Teacher presenting