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Name sortLocation Position Office Phone Email
Phillips, Michael 21st Century Teaching & Learning Executive Director 21st Century Teaching & Learning
Mendez, Lisa 21st Century Teaching & Learning Project Manager DoDEA Grant
Briseno, Tresa 21st Century Teaching & Learning Secretary to Executive Director
Chavez, James About Face JJAEP Elementary Vocal Music
Hernandez, Josefina About Face Program PEIMS Clerk Elementary
Murillo, Edgar About Face Program Elementary Physical Education
Lopez, Pablo About Face Program Paraprofessional SPED AEP Program
Luna, Elizabeth About Face Program Secretary to Principal Elementary
Acuna, David About Face Program Campus Patrol
Malone, Edith About Face Program Special Education AEP Elementary
Bermudez, Nash About Face Program Elementary Bilingual Aep Program
Martinez, Bertha About Face Program Principal Elementary
Garcia, Flor About Face Program Elementary AEP Teacher
Fierro, Raquel About Face Program Assistant Principal AEP
Gutierrez, Mark About Face Program Counselor Elementary AEP
Chavez, James About Face Program Elementary Vocal Music
Silva, Jose Academic Services Coordinator ELL Compliance
Aguirre, Sarah Academic Services Coordinator ELL Compliance
Keith, Elizabeth Academic Services Facilitator Academics
Donaldson, Mary Academic Services Facilitator Academics
Bittle, Marina Academic Services Facilitator Academics
Olivas, Luz Academic Services Migrant Services Recruiter/Specialist
Solis, Carmen Academic Services Director of Strategic Planning
Benitez, Ana Academic Services Facilitator Academics
Cano, Lauren Academic Services Facilitator Advanced Academics
Gillis, Brian Academic Services Facilitator Academics
Shafiee, Jessica Academic Services Lead LPAC Clerk
Ferret, Kristine Academic Services Executive Director C&I
Garcia, Cristina Academic Services Curriculum & Instruction Program Screener
Montes, Veronica Academic Services Facilitator Academics
Zubia, Martha Academic Services Secretary to Executive Director
Wagoner, Michelle Academic Services Title I Coordinator Extended Learning
Prieto, Helen Academic Services Lead LPAC Clerk
Gonzalez, Helene Academic Services Coordinator Improvement Planning
Arsola, Angie Academic Services Coordinator Migrant Student Support
Pena, Diana Academic Services Title I Inst Coord C&I Special Programs
Turner, Theresa Academic Services Facilitator Academics
Kennedy, Jacqueline Academic Services Chief Academic Officer
De La Cruz, Corina Academic Services Migrant Services Recruiter/Specialist
Gamboa, Thomas Academic Services Facilitator Academics
Cervantes, Veronica Academic Services Facilitator Academics
Sanchez, Veronica Academic Services Facilitator Academics
Anderson, Cuyler Academic Services GT Identification and Screening Facilitator
Mata, Amy Academic Services Facilitator Academics
Sheffield, Vincent Administration Deputy Superintendent Administration
Maldonado, Evelyn Advanced Academics Manager Planetarium Program
Long, Jason Advanced Academics Executive Director Advanced Academics
Beddo, Sarah Advanced Academics Secretary to Executive Director
Winkelman, Ronald Advanced Academics Coordinator Instructional Materials & Campus Support
Hughes, Esther Advanced Academics Facilitator Advanced Academics
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