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sortName Location Position Office Phone Email
Williams, Christopher Park Elementary School Cafeteria Manager Elementary
Williams, Eve Milam Elementary School School Nurse
Williams, Eva Morehead Middle School Middle School ESOL
Williams, Bertha Jefferson High School Custodian
Williamson, Elizabeth Moye Elementary School Campus Teaching Coach - District
Williford, Colleen Kohlberg Elementary School Elementary 4th Grade
Willis, Clifton Austin High School High School El English Teacher
Willis, Destini Hillside Elementary School Paraprofessional Early Childhood Special Education
Wills, Truman Andress High School Major Sports Only
Wilson, Daniel Information Technology Systems Administrator
Wilson, Monica Hornedo Middle School Counselor Middle School
Wilson, Frances Bliss Elementary School Paraprofessional Instruction
Wilson, Gloria San Jacinto Instructor H Adult Learning
Wilson, Marie Barron Elementary School Special Education Resource Elementary
Wilts, Bobbi Hornedo Middle School Middle School ESOL Combo
Winfield, Jacqueline Hughey Elementary School Dual Language Eng Kindergarten
Winkelman, Ronald Early College, P-TECH and Specialty Programs Coordinator Instructional Materials & Campus Support
Winkelman, Marian Kohlberg Elementary School Elementary 1st Grade
Winkelman, Eric Career and Technology Education Director Career & Technical Education
Winn, Rebecca El Paso High School High School Mathematics
Winston, Stephanie Food and Nutrition Services Senior Purchasing Clerk CNP
Winter, Roger El Paso High School HS Dual Credit Math Combo
Witt, David Canyon Hills Middle School Middle School New Tech Esol Combo
Witte, Julie Guillen Middle School Middle School ESOL
Witterstauter, Elizabeth Crockett Elementary School Elementary 1st Grade
Wolf, Robin Ross Middle School Middle School Dual Language Social Studies Combo
Wolf, Jeremy Burges High School High School Mathematics
Wolfenbarger, Michael Stanton Elementary School Elementary Vocal Music
Wolff, Lisa Kohlberg Elementary School PreK Collaborative
Wong, Ida Transportation Main Office Bus Driver
Wong, Brenda Transportation West Annex Bus Driver
Wong Carrasco, Gerardo Transportation Main Office Bus Driver
Wood, Odessa Irvin High School High School EL English Combination
Wood, Nathan Burges High School MS Band/MS Orchestra
Wood, Derek Tom Lea Elementary School Elementary 1st Grade
Wood, Loreal Hart Elementary School Special Education BIC Elementary
Wood, Nathan General Douglas MacArthur PK-8 MS Band/MS Orchestra
Wood, Cathy Don Haskins PK-8 School Nurse
Woodruff, Jared Franklin High School High School Social Studies
Woods, Taj Homebound/Home Hospital Services Counselor Homebound
Woods, Chandra Young Womens Academy High School New Tech Math Combo
Woofter, Veronika Nixon Elementary School Elementary 5th Grade
Worrell, Laura Canyon Hills Middle School PEIMS Clerk HS/MS
Wright, Devvionne Charles Middle School Middle School ESOL
Wright, Ana Don Haskins PK-8 Elementary Campus Monitor
Wright, Claudia Crockett Elementary School Elementary Dual Language Eng 2nd
Wright-Balbier, Karen Active Learning Instructional Technology Specialist
Wyatt, Lisa Lundy Elementary School Elementary 3rd Grade
Wyckoff, Sean General Douglas MacArthur PK-8 Elementary 5th Grade
Wydra, Heather Irvin High School HS New Tech AP English Combo
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