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sortName Location Position Office Phone Email
White, Lepatrick Bassett Middle School Middle School Science Combo
Whiteaker, Christina Bliss Elementary School Campus Clerk/Parent Engagement Liaison
Whiting, Daphne Putnam Elementary School Special Education AIM Elementary
Whitney, Cheryl Chapin High School Counselor High School
Whitworth, Caroline Hornedo Middle School Middle School Science 915-236-3300 Ext
Wick, Tamara Nixon Elementary School Speech Therapist with Cert of Clin Comp
Wicker, Rocio Green Elementary School Elementary Dual Language Eng 1st
Wiernicki, Alan Office of Quality Management Chief Quality Officer
Wiggs, Linnea Transmountain Early College HS Counselor High School Specialty Campus
Wiggs, Robert Austin High School High School AP Art Combo
Wilcox, Yvette Richardson Middle School Counselor Middle School
Wilhite, Jennifer Burges High School HS Dual Credit English Combo
Wilkins, David Boiler Shop Refrigeration/Boiler Repair Apprentice
Wilkins, Tom Information Technology Network Administrator
Wilkins, Ashley Milam Elementary School Speech Therapist Assistant
Wilkins, Ashley Chapin High School Speech Therapist Assistant
Wilkinson, Felicia Stanton Elementary School Employee Priority Pre School PPCD 915-236-6125 Ext
Williams, Kim Center Career & Technology Educ Paraprofessional Support
Williams, Christopher Food and Nutrition Services Cafeteria Assistant Manager
Williams, Willie Transportation Main Office Bus Monitor Aide
Williams, Gabrielle - Sophia Zavala Elementary School Elementary Dual Language 2nd
Williams, Vonetta Chapin High School Transition to Career Specialist
Williams, Richard Coronado High School ALL Secondary Literacy/Biliteracy
Williams, Maria Bowie High School Counselor High School
Williams, Eve Milam Elementary School School Nurse
Williams, Eva Morehead Middle School Middle School ESOL Combo
Williams, Priscilla Chapin High School Paraprofessional Self-Contained Classroom
Williams, Jerome Transportation Main Office Bus Driver
Williams, Esther Henderson Middle School Middle School Orchestra
Williams, Bertha Jefferson High School Custodian
Williams, Fred Telles Academy High School Social Studies Combination
Williams, Chere Human Resources Employee Relations Investigator
Williams, Rachel Kohlberg Elementary School Elementary Dual Language Eng 2nd
Williams, Jermaine Young Womens Academy HS SPED Teacher Combo w/Major Sports Fall & Spring
Williamson, Elizabeth Moye Elementary School ALL Elementary Literacy/Biliteracy
Williford, Colleen Kohlberg Elementary School Elementary 4th Grade
Willis, Christie Burges High School Technology Education
Willis, Destini Regional Day School for the Deaf Paraprofessional Sign Language Interpreter
Willis, Clifton Magoffin Middle School Middle School Dual Language Science Combo
Wills, Truman Andress High School Major Sports Only
Wilson, Marie Barron Elementary School Special Education Resource Elementary
Wilson, David Irvin High School High School AP Science Combo
Wilson, Daniel Information Technology Systems Support Analyst
Wilson, Frances Bliss Elementary School Paraprofessional Instruction
Wilson, Gloria San Jacinto Instructor H Adult Learning
Wilts, Bobbi Hornedo Middle School Middle School English/Reading Combo
Winfield, Jacqueline Hughey Elementary School Dual Language Eng Kindergarten
Winkelman, Ronald Early College, P-TECH and Specialty Programs Coordinator Instructional Materials & Campus Support
Winkelman, Eric Career and Technology Education Director Career & Technical Education
Winkelman, Marian Kohlberg Elementary School Elementary 1st Grade
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