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sortName Location Position Office Phone Email
Acuna, Emma Coach Archie Duran Elementary School Traffic Monitor
Acuna, Brandon Guillen Middle School Bookroom/Media Clerk MS
Acuna, Brandon Aoy Elementary School Bookroom/Media Clerk MS
Acuna, Anthony Police Services Police Officer
Acuna, Angie Charles Middle School Paraprofessional Self-Contained Classroom
Acuna, Tania Police Services Police Officer
Acuna Gonzalez, Graciana Guillen Middle School MS SPED Community Readiness Class
Adame, Gabriela Brown Middle School Campus Teaching Coach - District
Adame, Timothy Richardson Middle School Middle School Orchestra
Adame, Lucy Lundy Elementary School Elementary Dual Language 1st
Adame, Jesus Canyon Hills Middle School Head Custodian MS
Adame, Silvia Jefferson High School Special Education BIC Secondary
Adams, John Health, Wellness & Physical Education Director Health Wellness and Physical Education
Adams, Susan Rusk Elementary School Reading Specialist
Adams, Toni Newman Elementary School Elementary 1st Grade
Adams, Paulette Hornedo Middle School Middle School Math
Adams, Rebecca Kohlberg Elementary School Elementary Dual Language Eng 1st
Adams, Glenn Coronado High School High School Mathematics
Adams, Eleesa Jefferson High School HS Social Studies Combo w/Major Sports Fall & Spring
Adams, Erica Irvin High School Paraprofessional Self-contained Classroom
Adauto, Michele Coldwell Elementary School Elementary 1st Grade
Adauto, Martina Moreno Elementary School Food Service Specialist 7 Hour
Adovasio, Teresa Crockett Elementary School Dual Language Kindergarten
Agosto Colon, Laura Magoffin Middle School Food Service Specialist
Aguayo, Maria El Paso High School Paraprofessional Support
Aguayo, Juana El Paso High School Cafeteria Assistant Manager
Aguayo, Isabel Austin High School High School Dance
Aguila, Angelica General Douglas MacArthur PK-8 Food Service Specialist
Aguilar, Olivia General Douglas MacArthur PK-8 Paraprofessional Early Childhood Special Education
Aguilar, Jose Telles Academy High School Math Combination
Aguilar, Yolanda Hawkins Elementary School SCE Clerk I LPAC
Aguilar, Cynthia Tom Lea Elementary School Dual Language Kindergarten
Aguilar, Teresa Nixon Elementary School Cook
Aguilar, Fernando Lundy Elementary School Elementary Physical Education
Aguilar, Autumn Chapin High School High School EL English Teacher
Aguilar, Rosalia Ross Middle School Counselor Middle School
Aguilar, Eva Transportation NE Annex Bus Driver
Aguilar, Elizabeth General Douglas MacArthur PK-8 Elementary Dual Language 5th
Aguilar, Susanna Transportation Main Office Assistant Transportation Coordinator
Aguilar, Liliana Bliss Elementary School Elementary Physical Education
Aguilar, Ramon Moreno Elementary School PreK Collaborative Special Education
Aguilar, Rene Athletics Temporary Professional
Aguilar, Sylvia Special Education Instructional Programs Paraprofessional Deaf Education
Aguilar, Paola Don Haskins PK-8 Elementary Dual Language 4th
Aguilar, Sonia BEFM-External Funding Senior External Funding Specialist 915-230-2784 Ext
Aguilar, Cindy Lamar Elementary School Counselor Elementary
Aguilar, Ilba Barron Elementary School Dual Language Prekindergarten
Aguilar, James Information Technology IT Support Tier 2 Hardware
Aguilar, Melissa Digital and Learning Resources Instructional Technology Specialist
Aguilar, Jessica Transportation NE Annex Bus Monitor Aide
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